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Space Systems Lab
University of Maryland Project Personnel

Dr. David Akin
Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Space Systems Laboratory (SSL)
Master of Science thesis advisor

Keith Dixon
Patent Counsel, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
NASA patent counsel

Ryan Geister
Formerly of Swales Aerospace and a Senior Training Engineer with ESS West, Inc.
Lead commercial and EVA wrench designer

Darryl Mitchell
Technology Commercialization Office, NASA/GSFC
3-D sprag and commercial-style wrench technology transfer program manager

Nils Nelson
SSL undergraduate student
Lead computer modeler

Jennifer Probst (or visit the Wonderful World of Jenn Probst) 1997 NASA Academy Research Associate
University of Colorado at Boulder
>Lead commercial-style hand wrench test engineer (summer 1997)

Brian Roberts
SSL Master of Science candidate
Lead engineer and DDF Co-Investigator
Robert Treviño
Crew and Thermal Systems Division, NASA/JSC
EVA wrench technical advisor
Michael Viens
Leader, Physical Metallurgy Group, NASA/GSFC
Commercial and EVA wrench testing

John Vranish
Electromechanical Systems Branch, NASA/GSFC
3-D sprag inventor, DDF Co-Investigator, and GSRP fellowship NASA technical advisor

Michael Wade
Senior Aerospace Engineering Technician, NASA/GSFC
Commercial-style sprag wrench inventor

from left to right: Brian Roberts and Jenn Probst

from left to right: Erica Lieb and Pete Molina
KC-135 Flight Team

Erica Lieb, Peter Molina, and Jennifer Probst (all University of Colorado - Boulder undergraduate students), Brian Roberts (UMCP SSL) Space Experiment Module Team (all UMCP SSL)
Rob Cohen, Kris Edwards, Glen Henshaw, Lisa Hossaini, David Lorr, Mike Pang, Brian Roberts, Laurie Shook

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