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Awards and Recognitions

Three-dimensional roller locking sprags and those involved with it have been recognized by many groups.

1996 NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Invention of the Year

1997 Design News Excellence in Design winner

This award is given to the top 7 innovative electromechanical designs in the world.

1997 R & D magazine's list of year's top 100 technological inventions

This award is given to the top 100 new products in the world regardless of scientific discipline. This is only the third time GSFC has received this recognition.

NASA Space Act cash award for significant inventions

Federal Laboratory Consortium award for outstanding technology transfer to John Vranish

John recevied the award for his involvement in the transfer of 3-D sprags to household tools, pull starters on gasoline engines, automatic transmissions, and other applications in which a cog must only move in one direction.

GSFC Director's Discretionary Fund (DDF) Success Story

The Development and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Roller Locking Sprags GSFC DDF project was reported to NASA/Headquarters as one of GSFC's DDF success stories.

Runner up in graduate category of Year 2000 ASME Student Mechanism Design Competition held at 26th Biennial Mechanisms and Robotics Conference