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TEAM LOG: March 11, 2004

NASA Tours

Since we're all done with our flights, we got to sleep in a bit and skip the morning briefing today, but still made it out to the hangar by 9 to see our friends from Michigan and Carnegie off on their first flight. While they were gone, we worked on our paper and then went out to greet them when they landed. Several people got sick on this flight, so we're still without a no kill.

This afternoon, we took a tour of the NASA facilities. First, we saw the mockups of the ISS modules and the shuttle trainers. Then, we went to historic mission control and got to go down into the control room and play around at the seats at the different stations. Then we went to the current shuttle mission control, but they were running a simulation, so we had to watch from the observation room. We then looked into the ISS mission control from a glass window above. Walking up to the current mission control, the lead flight director held the door open for us.

I think this will be the last log entry for the trip as we are done with all the program activities. I claim no responsibility for what happens here on out. See you all on Monday!

P.S. - Dave, please please can you send my economics professor the letter saying I'm down here and it's ok or he's going to fail me? Thanks!

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