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TEAM LOG: March 4, 2004

Orientation and Hardware Setup

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Hey hey hey! Greetings from rainy, dreary, cloudy, Houston! Interesting how that works; it finally gets nice out in Maryland and we leave for the rainy days down here. But it's supposed to be crazy sunny soon.

Anyways, Dave requested that we send out a little journal of our trip, so you get to listen to us babble on for a bit. We'll save the better stories for when we get back though.

Our flight was mildly delayed arriving in Houston. We went to baggage claim to pick up our stuff, including the vehicle itself, and found that one of the nozzles got crunched and knocked off during flight. Fortunately, it was just minor damage we were able to fix the next day.

The first morning, we drove up to the hangar out at Ellington Field where all the teams are based for the next week. Most of the students here are chemical/electrical/mechanical engineering kids. The team from Michigan is aerospace and the team from Carnegie is biology. A lot of projects are fluid flow related. Wash. U. has the second free flyer project, an autonomous docking system. Fordham is quite literally blowing bubbles in a box. That's it. They set up their entire project three days ago. There are two teams from New Mexico, both doing nuclear related projects, as well as teams from North Dakota, Portland State, Texas A&M, and Alabama.

After a long orientation session, the rest of the day was mostly spent doing hardware setup. Everyone was quite interested in our project because it was the only one that wasn't a big ambiguous box with stuff inside of it. People seemed to visit our table more than anyone else's. It was amusing, a team would occasionally send a representative over to our table to talk to us and find out what we were doing. Then they'd go back and tell the rest of their team. But everyone has been very friendly. We've been spending a lot of time with the Carnegie and Michigan kids,some of whom are staying at our hotel.

Everyone from the program went to Pe-Te's for dinner. They rented the place out for everyone involved in the Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program and Astronaut Bill McArthur was there. We ate a whole lot of really good bbq and socialized with the other schools.

Hope everyone is doing well in Maryland. We have the first two flight days, so Matt and I go up on Tuesday and Mike and Alice will go up on Wednesday.

See you soon!

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