3.7 Sensor Data Display

Although not particularly useful during nominal operations, it occasionally becomes desirable to view the raw sensor data directly. This often occurs when the pilot begins to doubt the validity of the higher level composite data. Verifying the integrity of the low level raw data is typically the next step in identifying the source of the error.

Figure 3-7 Magnetometer Data Display

The sensors available for display in this section are the angular rate sensor triad, the accelerometer triad, and the magnetometer triad. Since each of the three sensors displayed yields a three element vector, each display uses a standard format. The first part of the display consists of two x-y charts. The first chart shows the first element vs. the second element. The second chart shows the second vs. the third. The second part of the display prints the raw data numerically, along with any useful composite data such as angle of the vector in a particular plane. This is followed by a set of three small strip charts, one for each element of the vector.