3.4 Sensor Options Interface

All of the sensor data used by Ranger NBV is subject to noise and bias. These inaccuracies in the reported data leads to errors in the estimate of the vehicle attitude and angular velocity. The flight control interface provides a means for controlling the bias estimation, and parameters of the filters and other noise reduction methods to be described below.

Figure 3-3 Bias Estimator Enable

Currently, bias estimation algorithms have been implemented for the angular rate sensor and the magnetometer. These algorithms are described in detail in Section 4.3.2.
Sensor noise degrades the performance of vehicle state estimation and control. The interface provides a means for adjusting some of the parameters that control algorithms that help to reduce the impact of noise on system performance.

Figure 3-4 Noise Reduction Parameter Control

The first parameter G, helps to reduce the effect of sensor noise on the nonlinear controller. This is discussed in detail in Section 5.3.1.
The next two parameters control the filtering of the attitude and angular velocity estimates. These methods are discussed in Section 4.3.1.