3.3.2 Step Command Selection

The flight controller is capable of commanding rotational steps about any of the vehicle axes. These steps may commanded during any trajectory mode. The flight control interface offers an assortment of steps about each of the three vehicle axes. The pilot can command plus or minus 45°, 10°, and 1° rotational steps about each of the three vehicle axes.
These step commands are useful for quickly modifying the vehicle desired attitude. For example, if the pilot wants to pitch up 90°, it is quicker, and more precise to command a 90° pitch step, than to use the hand controllers in the resolved rate mode.
These step commands are also useful for evaluating control law performance. Closed loop step response is a common method for characterizing control system performance. Although classic closed loop step response analysis methods are not directly applicable to the nonlinear systems being studied, it is still instructive to observe system rise time, peak time, maximum overshoot, and settling time.