3.2 Controller Selection Panel

The controller selection panel allows the operator to select a particular flight control law, and modify the parameters of that controller. These controllers will be covered in detail in Chapters 4 and 5.

Figure 3-1 Controller Selection Panel

The open loop flight control mode, the hand controller values are passed directly to the thrusters. This gives the pilot direct control of the vehicle. In other control modes, the hand controllers specify the motion of the desired vehicle attitude. The quaternion based PD controller tracks the desired attitude by generating a response proportionate to the attitude and the angular velocity errors. Nonlinear compensation augments the PD controller by using a model of the system dynamics to calculate the moment required to follow the specified trajectory. In this mode, the PD portion of the controller only needs to compensate for errors due to inaccuracies in the dynamic model. Finally, an adaptive control mode allows the parameters of the system dynamic model to be continuously refined by observing the response of the vehicle to commanded moments.