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Suit Envelope
One of the primary goals of the MX-series is to provide the general exterior envelope of current pressure suits. To verify a general match to the exterior envelope of NASA's EMU, several suit measurements were made in conjunction with those used in NASA Standard 3000. The following diagram and tables summarize the the measurements taken and compare the maximum dimensions for both the Shuttle EMU and the MX-2.

Although the elbows do not pinch in as much as the EMU suit ("C"), the more critical constraint ("B") is right on. This figure therefore illustrates that the MX-2 accurately replicates the same general external envelope as the Shuttle EMU.

Field of View
Another primary goal of the MX-series is to provide a similar visual environment for the wearer as that in current pressure suits. To verify this goal was being achieved, field of view measurements were taken from the MX-2 and compared to the requirements listed in NASA Standard 3000 for the Shuttle EMU. The results of this characterization are summarized in the chart on the right.

As the charts show, the hemispherical helmet provides a greater field of view than the EMU helmet. This feature allows the MX-2 to test advanced suit design concepts that require a larger field of view (e.g., heads up displays), while a simpler visor assembly can be added to shrink the field of view if necessary for EMU simulations.

Some notes:

MX-2 Field of View Data

  • Referenced from: Man System Integration Standards, NASA-STD-3000, Volume 1, Rev. B, 1987.

  • Numbers do NOT reflect the use of the protective EVA visor assembly.

    MX-2 Field of View Data

  • Data collected using a digital positioning system to outline field of view.

  • Data does not reflect any use of a visor.

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