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The MX-1 design never made it into the operation phase, because it was a feasibility study meant to layout the baseline for future suits in the MX-series. MX-2 is the first suit being made for testing and operation. In preparation for these events, two main changes from the baseline MX-1 design have been made.

The fundamental driver for the MX-2 upgrade was the suit pressure. The baseline configuration of MX-1 called for an approximately 0.5 psi differential between suit pressure and ambient. This positive pressure prevents flooding and prevents a high pressure blow out of the suit. Theoretically, this works. In practice however, this is a rather unstable configuration.

In order to adopt a stable configuration, the MX-2 was upgraded to an operating suit-ambient pressure differential of 3 psi. Resulting changes are primarily seen in the construction of the soft goods and the rear entry hatch.

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