Running the Graphical Simulation At SSL

Which computers to use:

The graphical simulation requires hardware texture mapping. The computers with this capability, in the Lab, are the following:

excelsior -> control room
potemkin -> control room
buruk -> clean room
venture (available soon) -> control room

Running the startup script:

Log into one of these machines and type on the command line:


This will run a script which will set up the graphical simulation. A typical output will be the following:

Start NDDS This should fail 
Changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH Environment Variable
[NDDS: reqForwDmn:] not started because domain 7400 was busy
Set Up ClearCase
Go To Control Station Directory
Run Graphical Simulation
Cannot open file wm_rangerPath.dat, trying in data file
Attached to window Manager shared memory segment
[NDDS client:] Attempting connection to NDDS server on domain-port number 7400
[NDDS client:] Attempting connection to excelsior... [1]
[NDDS client:] Attempting connection to NDDS server on domain-port number 7400
                MultiGen Inc. OpenFlight (r) loader R15.4d
          for IRIS Performer 2.0.2 $Date: 1997/08/21 01:49:24 $
The OpenFlight (r) Loader software contained in this program is the
confidential property of MultiGen Inc.. Copyright 1997 MultiGen Inc..
All rights reserved. For further information about OpenFlight (r) Scene
Description Database, contact: MultiGen Inc., 550 South Winchester Blvd,
STE 500, San Jose CA 95128.  Phone: 1-408-556-2600, Fax: 1-408-261-4102
ConnectServer: TCP connection accepted from on sd 13
[NDDS client:] Connected to "excelsior"...

What this script does:

This script perform several actions:

1) Start NDDS This should fail

A command starts up a daemon which allows NDDS communication between computers. This communication makes the different input devices available to the simulation. In most cases a daemon is already running, if so an error message

[NDDS: reqForwDmn:] not started because domain 7400 was busy

will be displayed. This will not negatively effect the application. However, if no daemon is running one will be started.

2) Changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH Environment Variable

A command will overright anything in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, this environment variable is required to properly locate libraries needed to run the graphical sim. If this environment is required to run additional programs, this script should either be modified or not used.

3) Set Up ClearCase

A command is set opening ClearCase version control. This is where the graphical simulation resides.

4) Go To Control Station Directory

This changes the current directory to where the graphical simulation executable is located.

5) Run Graphical Simulation

This calls the executable.