Contents Of gfx_deliver Folder

The following directory structure will appear in the gfx_deliver directory.

1. armCmd

This application allows the user to control each of Ranger's manipulators. Each joint can be controlled using a simple control panel. Go to the armCmd Manual.

2. changePriv

This script changes the privileges of all the contents in the gfx_deliver directory.

3. data

This folder holds the different data files required to run the simulation and control station modules.

3.1 IorLoad.dat

No modifications should be required for this file unless a Spaceball or approved Space Systems Lab input device is being used.

This data file sets up the NDDS_PEER_HOST_LIST. This list the computers on the NDDS network to use all the NDDS data. This file also lists each of the input devices and which computer on the network that device is attached to. This is required to properly set up each input device.

3.2 dc_runPath.dat

No modifications should be required for this file, since no dynamic simulations are in this package.

This data file sets up where each dynamic simulation executable will run. Each simulation is listed along with the computer that program will run on.

3.3 models

This folder holds the graphical simulation files. No modification should be made to these files; they were generated using Multigen"II.

These data files create the visual database hierarchy used for the graphical simulation.

3.4 scampData

This folder holds graphic sprites used in the SCAMP control station. No modification should be made to these files.

3.5 texture

This folder holds all the textures used in the graphical simulation. These files are organized in folders. These files should not be modified, they are in SGI formats: rgb, rgba, int, and inta.

3.6 wm_rangerPath.dat

No modification should be required to this file, since the only application in this package is the graphical simulation.

This data file lists the executable paths for each control station module within the control system. Each module is listed with the path to the executable.

4. formsLibs

The following files are shared libraries required to run the window manger. Each window uses the XForms library to make Motif calls to draw the windows. These files are required to run almost every application. They need to be place within the library path of the user (ex. /usr/lib).


This shared library is for the original GL Forms, used just in case older code has been deliver. May not be required.


This shared library is the current version of XForms used with this code version 0.86. Almost all the code requires this library.

5. gfx_sim

This is the executable for the graphical simulation. To run the application, use the following command.


Go to the gfx_sim manual.

6. html_gfx_sim_man

This folder holds an HTML page, readme.html, which points to this web site. This is used as the online documentation for the graphical simulation package. This file and its images should not be modified.

7. io_reader

This is the executable for all the input devices used to interface with the control system. This program is indirectly accessed using the IO_Display window and the IorLoad.dat data file. However, it can be manually used as well using the command:


The following instructions will appear:

Loading Error: no port # identified
to execute program use hand controller letter
>io_reader [IO Device Designation] [port #] [Comm Protocol] [options]
IO Device Designation: hca, hcb, hcc, sba
sbb, hcasim, hcbsim, loga, logb, maga, magb, magc
Comm Protocol: shared, ndds
options: filter [frequncy, Hz]- to use a low pass filter

Go to the io_reader manual

8. IODisplay

This application is used to initiate, monitor and terminate the processes controlling the different input devices.

9. performLibs

This folder holds the Multigen Perfomer loader, version 15.4d. These files are required to correctly load the model files. They need to be place within the library path of the user (ex. /usr/lib).

10. sharedSource

This folder holds the source code required to compile code using the shared memory variables for the control system.

10.1 gfx_define.h

This file hold many definitions used with the graphical simulation. This includes the colormap used for drawing the boundary management lines. the GCOL_* indicate the different colors available.

10.2 sMvar_ranger.h

This file holds the definitions, declarations, and includes for each variable in the control system. This file should be included once in the C project that needs to use the shared memory variables.

10.3 sMvarExtern_ranger.h

This file is the equivalent of the sMvar_ranger.h file. It should be included in every additional file that requires the use of the control system shared variables.

10.4 sMvar_ranger.c

This file holds the source code which initializes and uses each shared memory variables.

11. vehCmd

This application allows the user to position the NBRF vehicles in the graphical simulation: Ranger, SCAMP, and SCAMP SSV. Go to the vehCmd manual.