Ranger TSX IDEAS Screenshots

Line Drawings for PIP Annexes

The following screenshots from IDEAS are line drawings illustrating different aspects of the Ranger TSX mission. To learn more about the IDEAS software product go to the SDRC website. Models designed by Jenni Curran and Cristin Sawin.

 Ranger Side View

This side view of Ranger shows the grapple arm (bottom) completely extended. The video arm (top) is poised in a viewing position. And the left arm (center) is located at its resolve rate ready configuration. The right arm is not seen but would mimic the configuration of the left arm.

 Ranger Performing Task

The screenshot shows Ranger in the arm configuration described above. Attached to the pallet, Ranger is in position to perform a task on the central task elements. The task elements located on the bare Spacelab pallet include Battery Box ORU, Hubble Space Telescope Electronics Control Unit, Remote Power Control Module, visual task board, and contingency box.


 Ranger Working with Taskboard

The screenshot shows Ranger in the arm configuration described above. Similar to the above image this modified pallet configuration replaces the battery box task with the Articulated Portable Foot Restraint task.


 Ranger Stowed Configuration

This screenshot illustrates the arm configuration of Ranger when stowed on the Spacelab pallet.


 Ground Control Station

This drawing shows the layout of the ground control station used to control Ranger from Johnson Space Center. Several computers, monitors and input devices are configured to allow up to two operators control Ranger from the ground.