Ranger TSX Tasksite Pictures

Stowed Configuration

During Shuttle launch and landing, Ranger TSX will be latched down onto the Space Lab Pallet (SLP). The following pictures show the bare SLP with the different task elements. Each arm is shown in its stowed configuration. The latch mechanism is not shown.

Task Element Configurations

Ranger TSX will demonstrate many maintainance tasks on its Shuttle mission. These task elements are placed onto a bare Space Lab Pallet (SLP) with Ranger. Ranger uses its grapple arm to move itself into a position to work on the task. Its video arm provides a useful view of the task to the operator. And its two dexterous arms perform the task. Below are a series of pictures showing a configuration for every arm during each task.

Three pictures are given for each task: Configuration Overview, Constrained Workspace View, and Video Arm Camera View. The Configuration Overview picture displays all of the arms, its purpose is to show how Ranger is positioned, using the grapple arm, on the pallet and how close Ranger's body is to the pallet and the task elements. The Constrained Workspace View is a close up on the dexterous arms, demonstrating a configuration needed to complete the task. Also this view can show how close the dexterous arms are to the task elements. The Video Arm Camera View shows the resulting picture which the camera arm returns to the operator for that video arm configuration. Each of these views are given for the different task elements on the pallet. To learn more of the tasks, go to the Ranger TSX Tasks web page.

Task Configuration Overview Constrained Workspace View Video Arm Camera View