Ranger TSX Tasksite Pictures

The following screenshots illustrate the work performed by Julianne Zimmerman and Brook Sullivan on generating the procedures to perform the objective tasks on RTSX. The title for each task will link to his pages describing in greater detail the task, procedures, and the manipulator end effectors used to perform the task. Each task is separated in several sections including the main screenshot, alternate views, and a procedure description Greater description of how to perform each task can be found at the Ranger TSX Task Procedures page.

Bare SpaceLab Pallet Configuration

The SpaceLab pallet(left) holds the task element board (right). The different task include several basic tasks like the vision task board, force plates, contour following compliance task, and peg and hole task. The larger tasks are shown in greater detail below.

RPCM (Remote Power Control Module) Task

1) The microconical end effector grabs the microconical fixture

2) The internal tool drive spins the fixture's bolt detaching the RPCM from the receptacle


3) The RPCM can then be removed

4) The replacement procedure is followed in reverse order


1) Loosen bolts of keyway slots with bare bolt tool end effector

2) Grab tether loop with tether loop gripper end effector

3) Loosen electrical connector with right angle drive end effector

4) Remove the HST-ECU with tether loop gripper end effector

5) The replacement procedure is followed in reverse order


1) Grab and turn the boot plate latch's quarter turn ring with the APFR quarter turn ring puller

2) Use the bare bolt drive to turn the boot plate latch bolt

3) The APFR quarter turn ring puller to grab and turn the body latch quarter turn ring

4) Use the bare bolt drive to turn the body latch bolt

5) The top of the APFR quarter turn ring puller rotates mates and turns the pitch lock knob to unlock it

6) The bare bolt drive pushes the lower body swinging the APFR lower body

 7) After the bare bolt tool has completed rotating the lower body of the APFR, the pitch lock knob is rotated to lock the lower body into place

8) With the APFR paddle gripper the detent levers are grabbed

9) The tether loop gripper grabs the yoke

 10 - 13) The APFR can be inserted into the WIF socket. To replace APFR into latches the tether loop gripper holds the yoke as the APFR paddle gripper hold the paddles.

14) The APFR is placed onto the FSE Probe

15-21) Steps 1-7 are performed in reverse

Past Task Element Pallet Configurations

The following are archive images of previous arm and pallet configurations, labeled by the dates those configurations were active.

6/99 - 3/00

1/99 - 5/99

9/98 - 12/98

Ranger Servicing Nuclear Reactor Control Rods

This was a concept of using ranger to service nuclear reactor components.