The Image Gallery is a repository of screenshots, photographs, and diagrams used by the different Control Station Projects. The gallery is broken into sections, listed below, click on the link or the picture to go to that section. A series of thumbnail pictures will be presented with short descriptions. Click on the thumbnail to view the full picture.

Graphical Simulation Screenshots

Ranger TSX Tasksite Pictures

 These screenshots show possible configurations of Ranger while working on each of the planned task elements. Also the configuration of Ranger stowed during launch and landing is provided.


 Ranger Servicing Nuclear Reactor Control Rods

Ranger was designed to be easily reconfigured to perform many tasks, even ones which were not initially intended. These screenshots illustrate this concept. This space robot can be modified to perform servicing of reactor rods inside underwater storage tanks.


Ranger Simulation Pictures

Ranger simulation has been used to test many different aspects of the project. A collection of some of them reside here.

Multigen II Databases

These pictures are screenshots from Multigen II, a visual simulation modeling package. This application is used to develop the models for the graphical simulation, a screenshot of each database is provided. Every year Multigen publishes a calendar, our submissions for that calendar reside here.

 Ranger TSX IDEAS Screenshots

These screenshots come for the engineering analysis package IDEAS from SDRC. These illustrations show different aspects of the Ranger Shuttle experiment.


 SCAMP Simulation Pictures

These graphical simulation screenshots focus on the SCAMP project.

Laboratory Pictures

Control Room Pictures

Most operations controlling the robotic projects occur in the control room at the Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility. Several pictures and diagrams are keep illustrating several control room projects including the virtual environment chair and control station itself.

Control Station Screenshots

 Graphical User Interface Screenshots

The Control System consists of many applications linked together using shared memory. Each module controls one aspect of a robotic project. This page quickly highlights each control panel used in the Graphical User Interface Control System (GUICS).