SCAMP GUI Screenshots

 The Graphical User Interface Control System includes all of the panels required to control SCAMP, a free flying robot used to provide an additional video camera view. Without any manipulators, SCAMP requires far fewer control panels to access all of its functions.

Summary Control Panel

This is the primary panel required to control SCAMP. It allows for most mode switching and parameter adjusting need to operate SCAMP.

 Pendulum Control Panel

To assist SCAMP's stability in the water, an internal pendulum is used to pitch robot. Once the pendulum has stopped, SCAMP provides a relatively still camera view. This panel is used to help control this internal pendulum.

Communications Panel

SCAMP uses serial communications to relay commands and telemetry between the robot and the control station. This panel allows the operator to monitor the communication status.

Thruster Output Panel

The vehicle has a total of six thrusters, used to move the robot. This panel graphically shows the output of each of the thrusters.

Thruster Debug Panel

Similar to the panel above, this form allows the operator to monitor the different stages of commands used to finally control each thruster on SCAMP. This panel is primarily used to analyze hardware and software anomalies.