Control Room Pictures

 Control Room Layout

This screenshot, using the application Swivel, shows the configuration of the control room. Four SGI workstations are arranged with groupings of video monitors. The large screen television is used a main viewer, however the operators use the computer consoles, smaller video monitors, and hand controllers to control the robotic projects.

 Ground Control Station Layout

This Swivel screenshot, illustrates the equipment which will be used for the ground control station at Johnson Space Center during the Ranger Shuttle mission. It is a subset of the control room. Only two SGI consoles, and four 9 inch video monitors are used. The larger monitors are used for stereo video so that operators can perform robotic tasks in 3D.

 CrystalEyes Video

This photo shows an operator using Stereographic CrystalEyes to view stereo video. Crystal Eyes are special glasses which allow the operator to view 3D on a computer monitor, very similar to watch a 3D movie or television show. The SGI console, video monitors and hand controllers can also be seen in the same orientation as the above layouts.

 Virtual Environment Vehicle Interface Chair (VEVI)

These photos show the virtual environment chair developed by NASA Ames. This chair uses a head mounted display with tracking, a Spaceball, foot pedals, and other input devices to interact with a virtual environment to control the robotic projects. The three pictures below give alternate views, including a close up of the VR4 head mounted display.