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J. Corde Lane

5000 College Ave, Suite 4105
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742-6605
Phone: 301-403-4453
FAX: 301-403-4459
E-mail address: corde@ssl.umd.edu
Position: Control Station Lead
Project: Ranger, Advanced Interfaces
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interface, GUI Development, Virtual Environment Design

I've had the good fortune of working in a field I find truly enjoyable. When asked what I do for a living, I typically give the response "I write computer games that control objects in the real world". Developing control station software for different robotic projects is similar to writing a flight simulator game. This requires creating a virtual cockpit to control all aspects of a 4-armed robot, working with dynamic simulations to estimate how the robots will move, developing a high speed and realistic graphics engine to display the different vehicles within a virtual environment, and finally testing it all with virtual reality devices for 3-D viewing and interaction.

All this effort pays off in the end when it is used to control the robotic vehicle itself. Along the way, I've had to work with different computer languages, operating systems, and communication protocols to tie things together. And finally I'm able to be a part of an exciting robotic project and work along side many talented friends.

Navigation Through this Website

Some of this work is described and documented in different places on this website. I attempt to add to the site when I can, but there are still much more I need to include. Summaries of research, descriptions of software, and overview of projects can be read. A good start is to check out the movie gallery, and image gallery, which hold a lot of pictures and video clips with descriptions of what I do. More information about my work can be found in the research and control station projects pages. The research section is constantly being added to as I try to catch up placing experimental results on the web as well as update the list of publish papers. Although control station design is exciting for me, I am only the last cog of some fascinating robotic projects. The affiliated projects provide links to more information about these robots and other Space Systems Laboratory research. The documentation and download sections will probably be less interesting for the casual viewer; these pages hold the low level details on what I work on.

On the Lighter Side

Although I do enjoy working and playing with computers most of the day, I also love to scuba dive as well as teach others. Also I enjoy ballroom dancing when I get a chance.