Utility Programmer Notes

Group Name: g_util

Development Path: vc_proj/RTSX/cs/ECI/g_util

Group Id: 6<digit>

<digit> ::= "0" | "1" | "2" | "3" | "4" | "5" |
"6" | "7" | "8" | "9"
This indicates the exact form


Application Load = utilLoad
Input Display = utilIO
UDP Messages = utilUDP
Menu Infomation
Input Menu = utilIOInputM

Form Infomation

Application Load = utilLoad

This panel is used to monitor the loop rate and the workload of the control station application.

 Form Name: utilLoad

Label: "ECI Application Load"

Form Id: 61


Input Display = utilIO

This area allows the user to monitor the commands generated from using an input device. The six value sliders show the Cartesian commands being sent to the vehicle. Either resolve rates (using non-dimensional velocity rates from ­1 to 1) or absolute Cartesian position ( in meters and degrees) will be displayed.

 Form Name: utilIO

Label: "Input Control"

Form Id: 62

UDP Messages = utilUDP

This form allows the operator to monitor which UDP command messages are being streamed to the hub. The operator can also override the which messages are being streamed. However, this is not recommended, since only one message per arm is expected to be stream at a given time

 Form Name: utilUDP

Label: "UDP Messages"

Form Id: 63

Menu Infomation

Input Menu = utilIOInputM

This menu appears when the operator activates the Input Menu Button on the Input Control form. It allows them to specify which input device to monitor and control.

 Form Name: utilIOInputM

Label: N/A

Form Id: N/A