Power Management Unit Panels

These panels are used to monitor and control the power management unit (PMU). These panels may be used in the initialization of the Ranger TSX systems, but should not be required during nominal operations.

To use the command objects, colored in gray, in these panels the operator must first have command authority of the DMS system. Therefore, to use toggle the Safety Power Relay button on the PMU State Panel the operator must first have command authority of the DMS system.


PMU State Panel

PMU A/D Panel

PMU State Panel

This panel is used to control and monitor all the power relays on Ranger TSX.

Each of the five systems (DXL, DXR, PXL, VID, DMS) contain a group of power relays which can be toggled. The Safety relay is independent from the other systems.

Power Relay Toggle Button

The button allows the operator to request a change in the power relay status. Each arm system has for relays. A control relay that powers the LPUs and video on that arm. Each actuator group are powered independently: the three shoulder joint, the elbow joint, and the remaining wrist joint actuators. The positioning leg uses different names(hip,knee, and ankle) but those relays perform the same.

Relay Desired and Actual State Indicators

The two indicators to the right of the button show the desired (denoted by 'D') and actual (denoted by 'A') status of each relay. In nominal conditions the button and the two indicators should agree, however, time delay or an anomaly may create an incongruence.

Limits Text Field

The text field to the right of the indicators will specific if a power limit has been reached.

PMU A/D Panel

Different analog/digital converters are used to monitor the voltage, current, and even temperature throughout the system. This panel displays the current sensor readings.