Engineering Control Interface Programmer Notes

The Engineering Control Interface (ECI) was designed to give operators the greatest access to all Ranger TSX fuctions and telemetry. During nominal operations the majority of these panels are not required, but are used to monitor the status of the system. If a system anomaly occurs, the greater detail provided in these panels may be used to diagnose and correct many contingencies.

The links below list every panel grouped in catagories.

 Arm Control Programmer Notes

ARM Raw Mode = armRawMode
Joint Torque Control = armJTC
ARM Cartesian Control = armRCC
ARM Input Control = armIOC
ARM Trajectory Sequence = armTrajSeq

Arm Diagnostic Programmer Notes

ARM Force/Torque Sensor Panel = armFT
ARM Gains Panel = armGains
ARM Temperature Panel = armTemp
ARM Torque Panel = armTorque
ARM Encoder Control = armEC
ARM Encoder Offsets = armOff
ARM Joint Telemetry = armJTTel

Arm Remote Terminal Programmer Notes

ARM RT State Panel = armRTState
ARM RT Statistics On Panel = armRTStatOn
ARM RT Voltage Panel = armRTVolt
Bus 1553 Programmer Notes
BUS Frame Statistics Panel = busFrame
BUS RT Statistics Panel= busRTStats
BUS RT SubAddress Panel (1 of 2) = busAddr1

 Boundary Management Notes

ARM Cartesian Position Panel = bmarmCP
End Effector/Task Panel = bmGrip
BM Point Information Panel (1 of 2) = bmPT1

Data Management System Notes

DMS Summary Panel = dmsSum
DMS Command Authority Panel = dmsCA
DMS Error Handler Panel = dmsError
DMS Error Statistics Panel = dmsErrStat
DMS Channel Statistics Panel = dmsChanStat
DMS Message Statistics = dmsMsgStat
DMS Logging manager = dmsLogMgr
DMS Diagnostic Commands Panel = dmsDC
DMS All Safe Button = dmsSafe
DMS Rates Panel = dmsRates

Power Management Unit Notes

PMU State Panel = pmuState
PMU A/D Panel = pmuAD

Utility Notes

Application Load = utilLoad
Input Display = utilIO
UDP Messages = utilUDP

Window Manager Notes