NDDS Control Station Documentation

This documentation section is an archive repository for the NDDS control station project which was replaced by RCL control station in 2001. The online documents are grouped into the following categories: manuals and programmer's notes.

Manuals: These pages are designed to assist an operator in learning and utilizing the features of an application. Each window is displayed as an image map, clicking on the window will bring up the description of that object and explain the feature it controls.

Programmer's Notes: These pages have a similar layout as the manuals except the emphasis is on how the features were programmed, not how to use the application. These pages are for programmers attempting to understand and interface with the different applications, users of the applications need only read the manuals.

Manuals and Notes

General Areas



 Preferences Window, General Menus and the Window Manager  

Application Name

Executable Name



 Arm Command  armCmd  
 Arm Software Control <>armSc    
 Arm Summary Control <>armSum    
 Arm Force Torque Sensor <>armFT    
 Arm Parmeters <>armParam    
 Buoyancy Compensators bcs    
 Command Authority dmsca    
 Dynamics Controller DynCont    
 Hand Controller Simulator Reader  io_reader  
 IO Control N/A    
 IO Display IODisplay  
 Graphical Simulation gfx_sim  
 NBV Software  NBVSc    
 SCAMP Control Station scamp    
 Vehicle Command vehCmd