5.4 Interests

5.4.1 Art

I receive great satisfaction from sketching things of beauty. This of course can be applied to business. At the beginning of the Ranger program, I created an artist's concept of the Ranger spacecraft in orbit (yes, spacecraft can be things of beauty). I have seen that sketch show up in various places since then, one of the more interesting places was in a journal article published in Japan.
Recently, my interest has been in porting my style of drawing into real-time computer graphics. Most virtual environments have extremely low artistic quality... I intend to do something about that.


Pencil Portrait of my Lab Partner (16" x 20") - She took great data... so I drew her portrait and gave it to her as a gift

5.4.2 Volleyball

Doubles beach volleyball, doubles grass, tournaments, 6-2 indoor.




5.4.3 Surfing

Mostly east coast small wave stuff. Basically just good enough to be dangerous.

Trying not to fall into the Atlantic Ocean

5.4.4 Music

Piano, keyboards, acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Local performances. Small clusters of screaming (in fright) women.

5.4.5 SCUBA Diving