2.1 Employment

2.1.1 Space Systems Laboratory

College Park, Maryland
September 1989 - Present
Graduate Research Assistant. Initial work as a senior produced Ranger NBV initial concepts along with much of the current SCAMP design and some SCAMP hardware (end caps and thrusters). As a Masters student, lead in the development of the Ranger Neutral Buoyancy Vehicle.

2.1.2 M__________ Corporation

May 1995 - Present
Evening and weekend consulting for product development and marketing. Details are unavailable due to a standing non-disclosure agreement. Handled engineering and technical issues for patent development. Prepared business plan for product, and market development. Assured compliance with government consumer and safety regulations. After patent was issued, orchestrated successful marketing campaign, arranged for manufacturers, materials suppliers, materials testing and certification.

2.1.3 KISS Institute for Practical Robotics

Reston, Virginia
September 1997 - Present
Occasionally assist in teaching robotics classes to elementary school children.

2.1.4 Gold Star Graphics

Brentwood, Maryland
June 1988 - September 1989
Development of 3-D raytraced animated graphics for television advertising. Gained experience by starting a business, satisfying federal and state business regulations, and working with local advertisers.

2.1.5 U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Cheverly, Maryland
May 1988 - September 1988
Worked at central US EPA distribution center. Designed procedures and systems for inventory management, examined inventory handling procedures and devised methods to significantly increase productivity, started with outdated inventory file system and wrote software to store and manage incoming and outgoing inventory records.

2.1.6 Allen Printing Service

Hyattsville, Maryland
May 1983 - January 1985
Ran darkroom, prepared jobs for printing, burned offset printing plates, gained experience working with and maintaining complex machinery such as presses, cutters, folders and binders.