1.3 Teaching Experience

1.3.1 Astrodynamics

July 1995
Taught basic and advanced astrodynamics, rendezvous, and interplanetary mission analysis techniques.
ENAE441 Space Navigation, Guidance and Communications
Introduction to the systems and theory necessary for spacecraft
navigation, guidance and communications with emphasis on preparing
the students for ENAE 484.

1.3.2 SCUBA

January 1990-Present
Teaching SCUBA diving techniques in open water, pool, and classroom. Worked with over 1300 students.
KNES147N Physical Education Activities: Coed: Scuba
Beginning open water scuba diving training. Includes basic watermanship
skills, skin dive rescue techniques, basic SCUBA skills, buddy
breathing, SCUBA rescue techniques, free ascent, dive physics and
physiology, dive tables and repetetative diving. Class finishes with an
open water dive weekend.

1.3.3 Amateur Radio

June 1985
Provided certification training for the amateur radio operators license.
FCC Novice Class Amateur Radio License Instruction
Basic radio electronics, power supplies and filtering, antenna theory,
amplifiers, transmission lines and impedance matching, federal
bandwidth regulations, international Morse code.

1.3.4 Computer Programming

September 1986
Taught basic computer programming techniques.
Hyattsville Computer Users Society
Under Construction