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Space Systems Lab
University of Maryland
The Space Systems Laboratory faculty, staff, and students (Click image to see all our Group photos)

The real product of the SSL is our personnel. We currently have three faculty members, two full-time research and technical staff members, between fifteen and twenty graduate students, and between ten and twenty undergraduate students. Most students come from the aerospace engineering department, but we also have electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. We've even had an art student and an archeologist.

The SSL has a terrific record of placing students in exciting, high-paying jobs in industry, government, and academia, even during economic or aerospace industry downturns. SSL students have gone on to work on the International Space Station, OSC's Pegasus launch vehicle, McDonnell-Douglas' DC-X (an experimental Single-Stage-To-Orbit launch vehicle), and the Cassini and Magellan planetary probes, among others.

The SSL has graduated two astronauts:
Dr. Janice Voss, a mission specialist who has flown five times.
Dr. Paul Ronney, a backup payload specialist.

The SSL has also produced four professors:
Dr. Rob Sanner - University of Maryland
Dr. Mark Lewis - University of Maryland
Dr. Ella Atkins - University of Michigan
Dr. Paul Ronney - USC

Below are lists of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

SSL Faculty:

Research and Technical Staff:

Dr. Craig Carignan Mike Perna
Stephen Roderick

Graduate Students:

Barrett Dillow
Joseph Gland
Shane Jacobs
Craig Lewandowski
Kate McBryan

Gina Moylan
Sharon Singer
Martin Stolen

Undergraduate Students:

Heather Bradshaw
Jeremy Davis
Dru Ellsberry
Ali Husain
Madeline Kirk
Joe Lisee

Adam Mirvis
Chris Overby
Bryan Patrick
Jordan Wexler
Michael Ziegler

SSL Alumni:

This Alumni List shows past graduates, undergraduates, and researchers from the SSL.

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