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Extravehicular Activity: Ratchetless Wrench

The idea for a "ratchetless" wrench came about because of an invention by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) engineer John Vranish. He was looking for an alternative to the two-dimensional (2-D) sprags that were being considered for use in space. His idea was to groove the races and round the edges of the sprags, creating a three-dimensional (3-D) sprag. John took his sketches to GSFC Aerospace Engineering Techician Mike Wade who developed the idea to replace the traditional ratchet with 3-D sprags. The Space Systems Laboratory (SSL) is extending this to extravehicular activity (EVA) tools for the astronauts.
    3-D Sprags and Rollers
    Commercial 3-D Roller Wrench
    EVA 3-D Roller Wrench
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Lead Engineer: Brian Roberts


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