When I started at the Space Systems Laboratory in the last half of 1990 and began working on the Ranger Neutral Buoyancy Vehicle, I knew that it would be a large and difficult task. Looking back... well... I had no idea.

First I would like to thank Jenny Smith, my partner and friend, for living in "the dog house" with me through this "monumental" development process. It's hard to sum up in words the experiences that we passed through together to reach this point. Through good times and bad, we worked together as a team. I will always look back on the memories with pride and fright. It was quite a ride.

I would like to thank Dave Akin for all of the support and encouragement that he has given me over my time here as a Masters student. Thank you for supporting me in my work and play ("now what does that have to do with your thesis?") over the years. I am proud to be member of this lab.

I especially want to thank Rob Sanner for the amazing level of enthusiasm and guidance given to me during the development of this thesis. From the first day when you brought me five papers ("I thought you'd like these") to the last when you were helping me revise with one brain, and working on Power Glove with the other, you've been an excellent advisor and friend. I could not have done it without you.

Finally, thanks to Russ Howard, for all of the guidance through the vehicle development process. I've enjoyed your friendship, and all of the "Toper pad" discussions. May you always find a way to make it work out to .

Wait! One more..Thanks to Maki for arranging my last pool test when I was too busy to think. That data set changed my life (see Figure 5-28). I still owe you dinner.