Ranger NBV Development and Operations History


Begin Thruster Fabrication
Begin Battery Box Fabrication
Begin Propusion Module Design
Ranger Cart Completed
Begin Electronics Module Fabrication


Propulsion Module Frame Completed
Thruster System Integrated
Dexterous Manipulator Shoulder Roll Joint Integrated
Rotational Buoyancy Compensators Integrated to Test Stand
Battery Boxes Integrated
Electronics Module Leak Tested
Electronics Module and Propulsion Module Mated
Propulsion Module Wiring Harness Integrated
Pressure System Integrated
All up Vehicle Leak Test
Internal Wiring Harness Integration
Interim Coarse Buoyancy Compensation System Integrated
Thruster Power System Integrated
Dexterous Manipulator Shoulder Pitch and Elbow Roll Joints Integrated to Test Stand
Interim Thruster Control Unit Integrated
Initial Control of Thrusters from Interim Control Station
First Powered Flight
Main Processor Integrated


Electronics Module / Manipulator Module Bulkhead Integrated
Manipulator Power Relays Integrated
Dexterous Manipulator Elbow Pitch and Wrist Roll Joints Integrated to Test Stand
Manipulator Power Harness Integrated
Control Station On-line
Fiber Optic Vehicle / Control Station Communication Established
Fiber Optic Video System Integrated
Dexterous Manipulator Wrist Pitch and Tool Roll Joints Integrated to Test Stand
Initial Control of Right Dexterous Manipulator on Test Stand
Right Dexterous Manipulator Integrated with Vehicle
First Operation of Right Dexterous Manipulator from Vehicle
Left Dexterous Manipulator Mechanisms Integrated to Vehicle
Interim End Effectors Integrated
First Neutral Buoyancy Manipulator Test
First ORU Removal and Insertion

Inertial Measurement Unit Integrated
Buoyancy Control Unit Integrated
Left Dexterous Manipulator Electronics Integrated
First Simultaneous Free Flight / Manipulator Operation
First Free Flight to Grapple
First Simultaneous Operation of both Dexterous Manipulators


Power Management Unit Integrated
Power Conditing Unit Integrated
External Sensor Unit Integrated
Vehicle Attitude Estimator Operational
First Closed Loop Attitude Hold


Space Shuttle RMS Interface Integrated
Vertical Buoyancy Compensator Integrated
Coarse Buoyancy Compensator Integrated
First Operation Outside of SSL (MSFC NBS)
First Operations from Shuttle RMS
First ORU Changeout from RMS
First ORU Handoff from Ranger NBV on RMS to EVA Subject
First EASE Beam Assembly from RMS
First ORU Handoff from EVA Subject on RMS and Ranger NBV in Free Flight


First Closed Loop Attitude Tracking
Onboard Spacecraft Simulation Completed
First Closed Loop Tracking of Spacecraft Attitude Simulation
Adaptive Attitude Controller Integrated
First Adaptive Tracking of Full Tumble